We Accept Bitcoin

Would you like to use Bitcoin to pay for 50% of your Legal Marriage Registration? We are happy to accept this crypto-currency if you would like to use it.

But FIRST, we neeed to get your date secured, so fill out our Legal Marriage Registration Form and we will get back to you with more information about what we can do for you.

Once your Legal Registration date is confirmed with us, you can them make your deposit. Please choose the payment button below for the service you would like.

50% Payment for
"Platinum" Legal Service

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50% Payment for
"GOLD" Legal Service

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50% Payment for
"SAMUI-ONLY" Legal Service

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Don't know what Bitcoin is?

Here is a link to a short video: "Bitcoin Explained"


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Thailand Black-Out Registration Dates!

Thailand has several "Black-Out Dates" due to long national holidays
where the local "Amphur" (Registrar) is unavailable. This usually occurs during the Thai New Year (also know as Songkran, 13-15 April) and around New Years (31 Dec to 4 Jan) - with a few days either before or after the holiday to give them a long 5-7 days holiday. If you are planning a legal marriage around these times, contact us for more information.

Other important dates to consider are national holidays for YOUR country(ies) as well. Embassies/Consulates based in Bangkok are closed in observance of both Thai and your country's national holidays.